Old Jewellery

• Your old jewellery need not sit in a drawer gathering dust!

• Inherited, sentimental, unwanted presents, unfashionable pieces, they all have a material value.

• Your old jewellery can be used to help make a new and exciting piece, or used as collateral for materials towards the cost of your bespoke commission.

• Everything can be used, your precious metals, precious and semi precious stones could be used to make something new for you today.

NB. The Collateral from your gold can be exchanged for cash or put towards any of White designs services or off the peg items


• Your precious metals are stripped of dirt steel (springs in clasps etc) and stones are removed.

• Then the material is weighed to ascertain quantity and value.

• This is the starting point before the recycling process can begin.

• The materials can be exchanged for currency towards all services throughout this website.

• Subject to the materials being suitable, they are then melted down and then made into your new bespoke piece.

• Existing stones or new stones may be incorporated into the finished product.

Design process

• Design piece

• Stripping the metal

• Weighing the metal

• Melting the metal

• Casting new piece

• Shaping new piece

• Polishing new piece

• Final Product