Be part of the creative process and walk away with a piece of Jewellery bespoke to you!

White Designs provides you with a one to one design service in which your ideas can be transformed from thoughts to reality.
With the expertise of David you will be provided with guidance towards the creation of your unique hand crafted piece.
We will work to your individual budget and timescales, with options available to upcycle your old jewellery to help with the costs.

Come and see us

Arrange a time to pop into the workshop where we will discuss your dream piece of Jewellery.
We will talk about your ideas, your budget, and your inspiration so David can get an idea for what you are looking for.

The design process

David will then work on a handful of design concepts drawing your piece to suit your ideas.
This is done with you in the workshop so you can choose your ideal bespoke piece.
David will talk you through the best choice of stones and materials for the piece.

Breathing life into your design

The piece is then created by David in his workshop,
this is when your piece of bespoke jewellery starts to come to life.

Finish touches

This is where all of the exciting details are put into your piece,
stones are set as well as any engraving details.
All of these finishing touches are what make your piece truly unique.


The final stage, your unique piece is then polished and thoroughly cleaned,
ready for you to wear and enjoy.

Collect your bespoke piece

We arrange A time with you for you to come and collect your finished bespoke piece of Jewellery.
An exciting time when you will see your piece for the first time, ready to take home with you.