At white designs there are 4 types of engraving services that we provide. We advocate hand engraving over machine engraving because true artisan craftmanship should be celebrated.

By hand...

Seal engraving

Here at white designs we can offer a seal engraving as service. Seal engraving is a specialist engraving which can only be executed by a very skilled craftsman and the end result is sublime. Also you will receive a wax impression of your chosen design. Commonly people will produce what they believe is their family crest / seal, coat of arms, however you can have many chosen designs executed in seal fashion. Limitations apply.

A seal is a coat of arms, crest or shield engraved onto precious metals or stone. Originating from the middle ages seals were traditionally used by royals and aristocrats to authenticate important documents such as treaties and family documentation.

Hand engraving

At white designs we offer a hand engraving service not to be mistaken with machine engraving which is commonly available. The exquisite cutting by hand is superior to machines which are on the market and hand engraving is artwork in itself. You can have pictures, symbols and lettering engraved by hand in bright cuts on all precious metals. Please see our style card for lettering styles. Limitations apply.

By machine...

Machine engraving

Here at white designs we have access to various machine engraving processes. Machine engraving can be a good al rounder to compliment your chosen item when hand engraving is not an option however there are limitations to what can be machine engraved.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving is a good all round way to execute a pattern or wording, picture onto your chosen piece. There are some limitations to what can be laser engraved but the finish is completely different to hand cut seal engraving and hand engraved items. Laser engraving can engrave on certain materials where in the past it was near on impossible for a hand engraved and machine method. Limitations apply.