Thank you David, for creating a stunning, unique and beautiful gift to celebrate 25 years spent with my partner. When you and I first talked about what was possible, the germ of an idea of a pair of decorated silver shot glasses, I could not have imagined that you would be able to fashion something so personal and striking. The modelling of the lizards and the engraving integrating the lizard emblem with our initials is a testament to your superb artistry. We place so much value on your skill and originality as a craftsman in an increasingly bland commercial world. In case it is not apparent from everything I have said, Martin was delighted, he has a gift that is treasured and that receives admiring comments from all our friends and family.
Peter Martin
When we asked David to design and make a pendant with matching earrings for me we only had a very vague idea of what we would like, as we had never done this before. He carefully guided us through the decisions that were needed to choose the design and materials and made suggestions as to what was possible and what would be successful. He consulted closely with us at all times and we were impressed with the care he took in producing the pieces and it was a great experience to see the designs slowly take shape. Thank you David for designing and making a unique set of jewellery for me.
When I approached David to make a piece of jewellery for me, I had a very clear view of what I wanted. However, that was in my mind, not on a piece of paper! So I drew it and explained what I was envisaging. David understood instantly what I was after and what I wanted the piece to represent.

After some discussion, advice and recommendations from David, the work began. I felt very fortunate as I had the opportunity to see various different stages of the piece being made and once finished – it was exactly what I had imagined it to be!

Kajsa Birch
I was looking for quite an individual ring that I could not locate anywhere on the High Street or online. David understood immediately what I was looking for and came up with a design that he was able to deliver on budget and on time.
Richard Johnstone